Japan and the world connected
by Japanese language

Students from all over the world
are studying Japanese together.


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What is YWCA ?About YWCA

Nagoya YWCA started as a Japanese language class for foreign residents in 1978, and in March 1989,
the school was approved by the Aichi Prefectural government and opened as a vocational school.
Over the last 40 years, students from over 30 different countries and regions have enrolled in full-time and part-time courses
studying Japanese together at this historical Japanese language school, NAGOYA YWCA SCHOOL OF JAPANESE LANGUAGE.
Although students’ backgrounds and needs change with the times,
the attitude of facing each student to learn Japanese and approach their goals will not change.
YWCA will always be by the students side.

Small classes

Point1Small classes

The maximum number of students per class is 13, and the average number of students is 7 to 8.
These small classes are most suitable for studying Japanese.

Original text books

Point2Original text books

Textbooks and vocabulary books are all our school original. They were written by our school teachers to ensure that you can master Japanese in a short matter of time.



Our school has its own scholarship system. There are two types of scholarships: general scholarships that are awarded to hard working students who have been enrolled for more than half a year, and refugee scholarships that provide one- year Japanese language study for those who have been certified as refugees.

High skilled teachers

Point4High skilled teachers

Most of the classes are taught by teachers with more than10 years of experience teaching Japanese. all teachers are actively and learning new ways and incorporating it into their classes.

Diverse students

Point5Diverse students

A diverse group of students are studying together with visas, such as long-term residents, family residents, permanent residents, spouses of Japanese, intra-company transferees, religion, and students. In recent years, the number of Japanese people whose native language is not Japanese is increasing.

Private lessons / Dispatch of instructors

LESSONPrivate lessons
Dispatch of instructors

These lessons are designed to meet a variety of needs, such as those who do not meet the class schedule or those who want to acquire skills such as "business conversation" in a short period of time. We will coordinate small group lessons, dispatch lessons, and private lessons to suit your needs. Please consult with us.

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