The Nagoya YWCA School of Japanese Language School is offering two exciting summer courses this year.

The first course is a one-month intensive Japanese language program that offers two levels of classes: a beginner class (First Step Japanese) for those studying Japanese for the first time, and an elementary class. We recommend these classes for people who want to study in Japan in the future and who want to complete their basic Japanese during their summer holiday.

The second course is designed for students to experience Japanese culture and participate in volunteer activities while studying Japanese. In the morning, students study Japanese, and in the afternoon, they use the language through various activities. On August 4th to 6th, the world’s largest cosplay summit will be held in Nagoya. Additionally, there will be a summer festival at Nagoya Castle. . All participants will wear yukata and take part in the summer festival. (We will provide yukata to all participants!) You can enjoy your summer in Nagoya.

Why not spend your summer with us in Nagoya? We look forward to your participation and inquiries.